Over Memorial Day weekend 2014, Together Forever had the opportunity to host our first family, The Smiths. Together Forever board members were also able to meet with them and pray over their family during their retreat. We hope to do our best to be a blessing to more families like the Smith’s in the future. Below is an excerpt from the letter we received from the family:

 Joe and I wanted to take a few moments to thank you guys, with most sincerity, for our vacation. As you all know, life just becomes mundane with doctor’s appointments, phone calls, medication, and cancer consuming your life every minute. Being able to just get out of the house, look forward to going somewhere, laughing, smiling, and enjoying our family together is exactly what Joe and I needed. Seeing our son’s face seeing a horse for the first time at Dixie, having a huge whale swim over our heads, capturing family pictures that will forever remember how much our family loves each other all wrapped into four days is better medicine than any doctor could have prescribed.

Thank you for everything. We had a blast, and many smiles created that were overdue.

All our love,

The Smith Family

Together Forever – Kristina Smith Testimonial from Wilhoit Productions on Vimeo.


Smith Family